art by fotofloor - The Storm 30x40

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Bio Mike & Floor

Behind this record-label type moniker, Mike van der Giessen and Floor Stoop are an inseparable pair of art & fashion-photographers who now have been working together for over ten years. Floor has always been mad about photography and used to create fake holiday pics as a kid, featuring family members, 

including even absent ones. 

She studied silver photography techniques & art history at the 

'Stedelijk Instituut voor Sierkunsten en Ambachten' 

in Antwerp and thought she'd make career of it.

Thus she started working under the name of Fotofloor in 1994. Then she met Mike, a music-mad handyman who spent hours on his computer creating soundtracks for fashion shows. Floor became interested in things digital, while Mike had a go at photography. Love did the rest. Today the couple operates as a well-oiled creativity-machine, with Floor behind the camera and Mike in front of the screen. Working as signature photographers for leading magazines, international brands and record labels. They are known for their celebrity portraits and sell their art through several galleries worldwide.



G-star, Telfort, Keune, Gillette, Playboy, Afrojack, Wasteland, CMS, Specsavers, D.E.P.T, Andrelon, MTV, Bijenkorf, Invito,

Sacha, Nivea, Ariel,  Claudia Strater, Rabobank

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